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Removal Supplies

List Grid Items 1 to 30 of 90 total

2-3 Bedroom Moving Pack

RRP £69.90 £37.49

4+ Bedroom Moving Pack

RRP £150.66 £83.32

3-4 Bedroom Moving Pack

RRP £113.79 £58.32

1 Bedroom Moving Pack

RRP £42.57 £29.16

Eco Archive Boxes

Eco Archive Boxes x 20 Pack

RRP £48.33 £29.16

Large Tea Chest Boxes

Eco Large Boxes x 15 Pack

RRP £49.87 £31.54

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes x 5 Pack

RRP £37.46 £29.88

Padded 3 Seater Sofa Cover

£149.99 as low as £116.66 From: £116.66

Flat Folding Lightweight Sack Truck


Magliner Courier Truck with Pneumatic Wheels


3 Seater Sofa Protection Cover

£4.22 as low as £1.62 From: £1.62

Plasma LCD TV Boxes

From  £8.32

Bottle Divider


Medium Box & Bottle Divider

RRP £1.67 £3.32
5 for

DVD Boxes

CD & DVD Box

£3.74 as low as £3.00 From: £3.00

Picture Mirror Carton


Gold Club Box

Golf Club Box

RRP £5.79 £4.96

Computer Boxes


Bicycle Box


Small Box

£1.37 as low as £0.55 From: £0.55

Medium Box

£2.67 as low as £0.83 From: £0.83

Short Box

RRP £3.33 £2.92 as low as £0.83 From: £0.83

Tall - Pack 3

£4.16 as low as £2.48 From: £2.48

Linen Box - Pack 4

£4.16 as low as £2.48 From: £2.48

Golf Set Boxes X 3 Pack

RRP £14.87 £14.47

CD DVD Boxes x 10 Pack

RRP £37.42 £29.99
15 for

15 Small Packing boxes

Small Packing Boxes X 15 Pack

RRP £21.25 £15.62
15 for

15 x General Moving Boxes Pack

General Packing Boxes x 15 Pack

RRP £30.12 £19.17

20 Budget Moving Boxes Pack

Budget 20 Boxes Pack

RRP £40.17 £22.23

40 Budget Moving Boxes Pack

Budget 40 Boxes Pack

RRP £80.33 £36.13
List Grid Items 1 to 30 of 90 total

Boxes for Moving

Whether you require house moving boxes or office archive boxes we supply every kind of box for moving or storing that you will ever need.

Our range of cardboard moving boxes is huge, and the boxes are designed to be used for every purpose such as moving and storing books, glasses and bottle divider boxes, we even cater for moving your pet in our pet carrier box with breathing holes and handles!

All our moving boxes are of high quality with the option of single and double wall. Our medium and large moving boxes are all made from extra strong double wall corrugated cardboard.

Moving Boxes

Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes are available for all kinds purposes, you can buy a single cardboard packing box for shipping or posting a product, or packs of packing boxes for moving or storage.

All of our strong cardboard packing boxes are made within the UK by manufactures or by our self. Our Medium and Large packing boxes are produced to the highest possible quality

House packing boxes are printed with house grids and contents list sections on the box flaps for easy content labeling, this system is the same used by all professional removal companies.

Packing Boxes

Removal Boxes

At our online superstore, we stock Removal boxes and kits, we offer the option to buy cardboard removal boxes from a single removal box to our specially designed removal boxes kits.

We have put together house removal boxes in kits for different sizes for all purposes from a one to two, three to four bedroom home removal, of bigger if needed!

We also stock removal kits designed specifically for kitchen use, and student moving boxes for moving from or to student accommodation.

Removal Boxes