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Loose Void Fill

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Flo-pak Polystyrene Loose Void Fill 425 Litre

• Loose void fill chips are made from starch.
• It comes in little Eco Flo chips.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Dust free.
• 100% recyclable packaging protection product.
• 425 Litre Volume.
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Loose Fill

Our loose void fill chips are ideal for packing fragile items such as china and other ornaments, it works simply by filling the box with it around the product you wish to protect. Loose void fill consists of small polystyrene chips that are perfect for providing cushioning to items as well as restricting movement within the box.

Void Fill

Our eco-friendly void fill is completely reusable, and even when you wish to dispose of it, it's completely bio-degradable! It is a great solution for cheap effective packaging in smaller boxes as opposed to bubble wrap or other alternatives, and is perticularly useful because of how easy it is to use, there is no wrapping at all involved, just pour the chips into the box and go!