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Modular Boxes

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Long Modular Boxes x 10 Pack

• Long Modular boxes measuring 29"x16.5"x9"
• Holds up to 105 cubic litres total
RRP £53.40 £42.83 Inc. VAT

Tall Modular Boxes x 10 Pack

• Our largest overall modular box, measuring 18"x18"x 30"
• 155 litre storage volume.
RRP £53.40 £42.83 Inc. VAT

Large Modular Boxes x 10 Pack

• Large Modular Boxes measuring 18"x18"x20"
• Hold up to 105 cubic litres each.
RRP £42.70 £27.01 Inc. VAT

Small Modular Boxes x 10 Pack

• Small Modular Boxes measuring 18"x13"x13"
• Hold up to 51 cubic litres each.
RRP £26.40 £18.11 Inc. VAT
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List Grid 4 Items

Modular Boxes

Our heavy duty double walled modular boxes are designed to fit perfectly on pallets, the strength of the boxes means that they will easily stack on top of each other and will perfectly fit on a pallet. We stock boxes suitable for both euro and standard pallet boxes, ensuring they will fit perfectly. we stock modular boxes for 3 per level, 6 per level, or more! All of our sizes are specifically made to measure to the industry standard pallet measurements. We also stock full-size singular pallet boxes if that would better suit your needs, which you can find by clicking here.

Modular Pallet Box

Our heavy duty modular pallet boxes are important while shipping a lot of goods on a pallet, it's not always viable to use a full pallet box when sending different goods on a single pallet, and this is where our modular boxes excel, the recipient can easily identify what the contents of each box is without having to rummage through a full pallet box. This improves your professional image and also makes it easier for your packing staff to identify what has already been loaded as well as being perfectly stackable on industry standard pallets, reducing the chance of errors during the packing process.