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Single Wall Boxes

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Single Wall Boxes

We manufacture various types of boxes such as standard 0201 boxes where the flaps meet in the middle and 0203 boxes with overlapping flaps for double strength on the top and bottom, these are our most popular boxes but we also manufacture other types to meet you needs. Due to manufacturing all of our single walled boxes in-house, we're able to provide you with competitive prices and huge range of boxes!

Low Cost Cardboard Boxes

Other boxes we provide are the 0200 open top corrugated boxes with flaps meeting in the middle at the bottom, 0409 self-assembling five panel wrap boxes that don't require any tape, as well as the 0452 tray with a solid one piece bottom, all of these box designs are the industry standards, but if you have another box that would better suit your requirements, just give one of our advisers a call and we can go forward from there!