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Removal Crates

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80 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Crate

• Stackable when full to save space
• Waterproof to protect contents
• Made from toughened plastic
• 80 Litre volume

Length: 760mm
Width: 360mm
Height: 460mm
£26.76 Inc. VAT as low as £24.14 From: £24.14
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54 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Crate

• Stackable when full, nested when empty
• Crate is waterproof for extra protection
• Made from tough plastic.
• Lasts for years to come
• 54 Litre volume

Length: 600mm
Width: 320mm
Height: 400mm
£26.78 Inc. VAT as low as £19.43 From: £19.43
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25 Litre Heavy Duty Moving Crate

• Easy to carry with handles either side
• Waterproof to ensure safety of contents
• Made using very strong plastic
• Stackable when full / Nested when empty

Length: 400mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 320mm
£18.20 Inc. VAT as low as £15.32 From: £15.32
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Heavy Duty Moving Crates

Our heavy duty removal crates are the best around, they just don't break! We supply these crates at bargain rates in 3 different sizes, and you can use these for anything from moving customers houses to storing industrial goods, for example heavy metal tools - where a standard plastic storage box just doesn't cut it!

Removal Crates

These crates are a fantastic solution to avoid the ongoing costs of cardboard boxes, these crates last for years of use and if your customers haven't packed, just stick it in the crates and go! No hassle with taping up the box or worrying about the box collapsing due to weight results in these crates being super-useful and easy to use.

Pay out the one time and reuse them for years without the ongoing costs of boxes, saving you more money in the long run. They are also easily stackable, so there's no concerns about boxes falling that you usually have when loading up your van or lorry. The lids, like the boxes, are made from toughened plastic with a hinged interlocking design, making them easy to open and close on demand.