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Gold Padded Envelopes

• Gold padded envelopes are lightweight, protective shipping solutions
• Quick and easy to use, simply peel the adhesive strip off and fold the flap over
From: £14.69 as low as £9.44

White Padded Envelopes

• Jiffy style white kraft envelopes with internal bubble wrap padding.
• Quick and easy to use, simply peel off the adhesive strip and fold over.
From: £14.69 as low as £9.44

Bubble Wrap Bags & Pouches

• Quick and easy peel and seal design.
• Transparent bags ensure you can easily identify contents
• Non-corrosive and non-abrasive protection
• Lightweight, cost effective protection solution
• A range of 7 different sizes to suit your needs
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Document Enclosed Wallets

• Document enclosed wallets available in A5, A6, or A7.
• Available in either red print or plain white.
From: £18.00 as low as £14.54
List Grid 4 Items

Jiffy Bags

Choose from our most popular shapes and sizes of brown and white jiffy bags, used to protect and secure your goods during shipping and posting. Our protective envelopes are padded with high quality bubble wrap, easy to use, fully recyclable product, which will reduce your costs, save you space, and time.

Padded Envelopes

Our envelopes and jiffy bags are all padded on the inside and available in either a brown or a white finish to suit your preference. They are all padded with high quality bubble wrap providing a high level of protection to anything you wish to ship such as CDs or small fragile goods, for example aftershave. Our protective envelopes are stocked in various different sizes to protect your goods during shipping and posting throughout transit. They come in discounted box quantities and have self-adhesive pull-off strips to ensure the envelopes is securely closed hassle-free.

Document Enclosed Wallets

Our document wallets are perfect for protecting documents of any kind, such as attaching customs invoices or important paperwork to your customers orders. These document wallets have a peel-off sticky back and will stick fine to the sides of boxes or pallet wrap, as well as keeping the document protected from water damage or simply losing the document in transit. The wallets are available by the box and both printed and plain options are available to suit your preference and meet your requirements.