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3-4 Bedroom Moving Pack

3-4 Bedroom moving pack
  • Buff Tape
  • Medium Moving Box
  • Marker Pen
  • General Moving Box
  • Large Moving Box
  • 3-4 Bedroom moving pack
  • Small Moving Box
  • Acid free tissue
  • Bubble Wrap

3-4 Bedroom Moving Pack

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3-4 Bedroom Moving Pack

Product Description

3 to 4 Bedroom house moving pack is designed for packing a standard 3 bedroom house or a small 4 bedroom house.

Included in this package is accessories such as acid free tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and marker pen all to create the safety of your goods and easy on your removal.

All items included in this house moving pack are of high standard and each high quality cardboard box has a printed house moving and content labeling grid. This enables your move to move more swiftly and your unpacking experience to be faster and more pleasant by knowing the origination of the box from the previous house.

Delivery:- This pack had next day delivery included.

Items to consider adding to this package are protection covers for your furniture and cloths. We provide coverings for double king mattresses, single mattresses, armchairs, 2 seater sofas and 3 seater sofas.
We also provide wardrobe cartons to save creasing and folding away your clothes. These can all be found in the Furniture protection section and wardrobe section.

10 X Small moving boxes (14"x10"x14")
20 X General moving boxes (18"x13"x13")
5 X Medium moving boxes (18"x13"x13")
5 X Large moving boxes (18"x18"x20")
2 X 100 Anti Acid Tissue Sheets
2 X Bubble wrap (500mm X 10 meters)
1 X Packing tape
1 X Permanent Maker Pen

Technical Details

Colour Brown
Cardboard Type Single and Double Wall
Size 3-4 Bedroom moving pack
Length From 12" to 18"
Width From 9" to 18"
Depth No
Height From 9.5" to 18"
Printed Yes
Grade No